“There are so many things Jim brought to the table it is hard to list all of them. His good nature and his patience were meaningful to us and we were surprised at how consistent he was at always being positive. We always felt that we were the ones making a decision about a property, and that he was never trying to steer or push us. Jim stands head and should above past Realtors. We would not hesitate to recommends Jim to friends and relatives. Still checks in on us too! What more could you ask for? In short, there is nobody better than Jim!”

— Todd and Claudia Johnson

“Jim is patient, optimistic, funny, realistic and very responsive. I could tell he had my best interests in mind. My deal had so many moving pieces. If Jim can juggle a nervous home buyer, a mortgage company, a government program and a short sale all at once and produce a great outcome…he could do anything! I am so grateful I had him on my side. Jim worked some amazing magic to make it all come together.”

— Carrie Ramoz


David Rosell

Rosell Wealth Management

Jim is a true professional and his decades and depth of industry experience are very evident. A the same time, his knowledge does not overshadow his tremendous demonstration of how much he cares for his clients.

Jim is a relationship professional first and not just interested in transactions.

He has so many of the skills that are related to the real estate industry he truly becomes you expert advocate that can anticipate any roadblock and avoid the many roadblocks that can come up unexpectedly.

He quality relationships in Central Oregon can also provide many great introduction to other top professionals and only add to the strength of his team.

Jim also drives some really cool classic cars and is just a fun guy who always has a smile on his face.

Will Dennis


My practice focuses on Senior Care, Estate Planning and Administration. Many times in administering estates there are real properties that need to be sold. On many occasions the property may need improvements or repairs. Jim has been extremely resourceful in addressing and resolving those issues and getting the property on the market. I am grateful for his resourcefulness and expertise.

He has a wonderful touch in dealing with families who have just lost a loved one. I can trust Jim to provide the level of service my office provides to my clients. That is just one of the great things about why I do business with him.

First, Jim is extremely knowledgeable about the Bend marketplace. Second, he is well versed in mortgages as well as the many ancillary matters pertaining to the buying and selling of real property. As an example, his is skillful in negotiation and at the same time working with his client in the process to educate then and keep them informed. Third, he is a pleasure to work with. Lastly, he gets the deal done!

“Some Realtors are drivers. They drive you around, and they drive you to make a decision. Jim is more of a facilitator. He was a guide on our journey, but there was never any question that it was OUR journey. He was just there to make sure we had the best possible outcome for us. Jim has that gift of truly helping clients discover what they are looking for in a home and then delivering on that promise.”

— Brian and Shawna Stallcop

“Jim treated us as friends rather than a “paycheck”. He worked tirelessly at marketing our home kept us informed as things progressed. He was easily the best Realtor we have ever worked with due in part to his open communication. Jim will aggressively market your home and work closely with you from start to closing.”

— Chuck and Christin Jenkins

“We contacted Jim after a referral from our financial advisor. We were interested in listing our home for sale and ultimately buying a smaller home. Jim encourages us to fin and purchase our “new” home and then list and sell our existing home. This was perfect advice for us. Jim tirelessly researched and showed us homes while maintaining a very positive attitude and sense of humor. He was sensitive to our special circumstances and always supportive. His is truly a man of integrity. I feel that we gained a friend as well as a Realtor.”

— Judy and Bill Martin